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Traditional Concepts

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A true and authentic style, with centuries old tradition and a direct lineage to its source.

Quality Instruction

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A dojo where the teachings follow the same curriculum as is taught at our head teacher's dojo in Japan.

Effective Self-Defense

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Situational awareness is heightened while learning a fighting method which is ideal for street self-defense.

Healthy Lifestyle

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Students enhance fitness and develop tools which foster self-improvement and success.

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The major fall back for most beginning students is the indecision that they can experience when they are first starting out. Just remember that you are the one who ultimately decides what is best for you.

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"Teachers open the door...

You enter by yourself."

Need a Head Start?

Maybe a few private lessons would be in order should you wish to gain a better understanding of the curriculum.  Many students find these to be very helpful.

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