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Benefits of Training

  • Physical Fitness
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Mental Acuity
  • Awareness
  • Self-defense Skills


Traditional Concepts

We place great value on the fact that the martial art we practice and teach has stood the test of time. 

Our teaching methods may adapt with time and change, however we strive to stay true to the fundamental training concepts and guiding principles that Goju Ryu Karate was founded upon.


"A Karate school that utilizes a traditional approach to teaching all that is necessary to help each student achieve his or her highest potential. The instruction is very direct and to the point and the instructors are very humble and polite, traits likened to the old masters.

Sensei Sean's incredible ability and style of teaching comes from decades of practicing what he has learned, and is a testament to the excellence of his teachers. I love that the style here is true to its origins!"

Jennie R. Martin

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Martial arts training, when done properly, will enhance one’s physical well being; improving strength, conditioning, flexibility, coordination, endurance and overall health. It serves to improve upon athletic performance and can help one in achieving their health and fitness goals. One of the best ways to bring mind, body and spirit into balance.

Life Skills

What is of greatest benefit for students of martial arts is that they learn to develop improved focus and confidence; as well as a greater sense of discipline and courtesy. These attributes are essential for developing strong social and professional relationships. As a result, practitioners realize their own potential for success in all facets of living.

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We teach self-defense skills which are practical and grounded in reality.

Although violence is something to be avoided, this does not mean we shouldn’t be prepared to use force of action to stop an attacker when it becomes absolutely necessary.

Our style’s training methods serve to strengthen one's mind, body and spirit so as to best prepare one to deal with any variety of stressful conditions.